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If you really want to take your English to a higher level, or you want to speak English like a native speaker, it is important to learn as many proverbs as possible. Here is list of proverbs with their meaning.

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You can learn and practice Online Verbal Ability Test questions and improve your communication skills and boost your confidence.


The engtuto.com was founded in India in 2016 with the aim to help people ace their English speaking and writing skills. We, at engtuto.com, believe "Don't Learn, Practice the Language You Want to Learn." We also believe that each tutor teaches differently, each student learns differently. We, at engtuto.com, do not discard the fact that learning English Grammar is essential to learn English, but at the same time we believe that no native speaker of any language has had to learn grammar of his/her native language. We believe that learning Grammar is of as much importance as practicing the language. So we have come up with unconventional and entertaining ways of teaching English. Team: We are team of six people constantly wrecking our backs to present the unique and fresh content for users in a creative and unorthodox package. All of us come from a background where speaking English was seen as something surreal. So in a way we know what toll it takes on you when you can't speak a language which is considered as the language of elite in your country. Yes you read it right - in India English is still considered as the language of elite. In India if you speak English fluently in places other than Metros, people look up to you with undue, added respect. While we were learning English, teachers would always emphasize so much on learning Grammar that while speaking the doubt that whether we are going to be grammatically correct or not would always weigh on us, as a result of which we never sounded confident while speaking English until we devised our own of learning the language. And through engtuto.com, we wish to share all our ways of learning English along with many other unconventional ways of learning English. Hope you will enjoy learning English with us!

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