Adjectives and its usage


A word which describes the quality of a  noun is an adjective. The words sweet, tangy, bitter, and salty are adjectives.

Use of Adjective in a sentence

John is a good boy.

I live in a big house.

It’s very hot today, I will wear a cool t-shirt.

I want a chilled drink.


Adjectives of Quantity 

These adjectives help to show the amount or the approximate amount of the noun or pronoun. These words do not provide exact numbers; rather they tell us the amount of the noun in relative or whole terms.
All, Half, Many, Few, Little, No, Enough, Great etc.
– It is he who spoke most of the time.
Many girls don’t step out in summers.

Adjectives of Number

These words are used to show the number of nouns or their rank in a group. There are three different sections within adjectives of number; they are –
Definite Numeral Adjective – Those which clearly denote an exact number of nouns or the rank of the noun.

One, five, Ten, Twenty-Three etc.
First, Second, Third, etc.

Indefinite Numeral Adjective – Words that do not refer to an exact number but just give a general idea of the amount.

Some, Many, Few, Any, Several, All etc.
Example: There were few people interested in cricket back in 1950.

Distributive Numeral Adjective – Words that are used to refer to individual nouns within a certain group.

Either, Neither, Each, Another, Other etc.
Example: Every player contributed to the victory

One burger for each of you

Demonstrative Adjectives 

These adjectives are used to point out or indicate a particular noun or pronoun using the adjectives – e.g.-  This, That, These and Those.
That bat belongs to Virat.
This is the bat I was talking about.
– I really like those jeans.
That colour suits me more.

Interrogative Adjectives – Words that are used to ask questions about nouns or in relation to nouns. e.g. – Where, What, Which and Whose.
What am I supposed to do?
Where do you see me five years down the line?
Who is your favorite player?
Whose bag is this?

On some occasions  we need to use more than one adjective to describe a noun to our satisfaction. In these cases, commas are used to separate the adjectives but some series of adjectives do not require a comma. Therefore, we need to know the difference between Coordinate and Non-coordinate Adjectives –

Coordinate Adjectives

Words which can be re-arranged in the series easily and are still grammatically sound. This kind of series makes use of commas. This series can also insert ‘and’ between them and still be correct.


– John is a coward, broken, depressed man.
– John is a broken, coward, depressed man.
– John is a depressed, coward and broken man.

Here we can see that all three sentences are grammatically correct. In this case, the adjectives only need to be separated by commas.

Non-coordinate Adjectives

These are those adjectives which cannot be rearranged in the series. These do not use commas to separate the adjectives. Also, this kind of series do not make sense if we insert ‘and’ between them.


-John has three big oily bats.
-John has oily big three bats.
-John has big and oily and three bats.

Here we see that only the first sentence makes sense and is grammatically correct. The second and third ones are incorrect. Hence, the sentence uses non-coordinate adjectives and does not need commas.

List of Adjectives


Abundant Chubby Fearless Lively Sharp
Accurate Clean Fertile Lonely Shiny
Addicted Clever Filthy Loud Shocking
Adorable Clumsy Foolish Lovely Short
Adventurous Cold Forgetful Lucky Shy
Afraid Colorful Friendly Macho Silly
Aggressive Comfortable Funny Magical Sincere
Alcoholic Concerned Gentle Magnificent Skinny
Alert Confused Glamorous Massive Slim
Aloof Crowded Glorious Mature Slow
Ambitious Cruel Gorgeous Mean Small
Ancient Curious Graceful Messy Soft
Angry Curly Grateful Modern Spicy
Animated Cute Great Narrow Spiritual
Annoying Damaged Greedy Nasty Splendid
Anxious Dangerous Green Naughty Strong
Arrogant Dark Handsome Nervous Successful
Ashamed Deep Happy New Sweet
Attractive Defective Harsh Noisy Talented
Auspicious Delicate Healthy Nutritious Tall
Awesome Delicious Heavy Obedient Tasty
Awful Depressed Helpful Obese Tense
Bad Determined Hilarious Obnoxious Terrible
Bashful Different Historical Old Terrific
Beautiful Dirty Horrible Overconfident Thick
Belligerent Disgusting Hot Peaceful Thin
Beneficial Dry Huge Pink Tiny
Best Dusty Humorous Polite Ugly
Big Early Hungry Poor Unique
Bitter Educated Ignorant Powerful Untidy
Bizarre Efficient Illegal Precious Upset
Black Elderly Imaginary Pretty Victorious
Blue Elegant Impolite Proud Violent
Boring Embarrassed Important Quick Vulgar
Brainy Empty Impossible Quiet Warm
Bright Encouraging Innocent Rapid Weak
Broad Enthusiastic Intelligent Rare Wealthy
Broken Excellent Interesting Red Wide
Busy Exciting Jealous Remarkable Wise
Calm Expensive Jolly Responsible Witty
Capable Fabulous Juicy Rich Wonderful
Careful Fair Juvenile Romantic Worried
Careless Faithful Kind Royal Young
Caring Famous Large Rude Youthful
Cautious Fancy Legal Scintillating Zealous
Charming Fantastic Light Secretive
Cheap Fast Literate Selfish
Cheerful Fearful Little Serious







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