April 25, 2017

Adverb Phrases

As we know that a group of words put together form an adjective phrase which can be used in the place of an adjective. Similarly, a group of words put together form an Adverb Phrase which can be used in place of an adverb.

Have a look at the following examples.

He walks carefully. (Here the adverb carefully says something about the manner in which walks.) He walks in a careful manner. (Here the adverb phrase ‘in a careful manner’ also says how he walks.)

So we can say that an adverb phrase modifies a verb exactly like an adverb does.

Consider the following examples

  • The company was formerly known as “ABCD Company” ( The company was known as “ABCD Company” in former times.)
  • It is not possible now. (It is not possible at the moment.)

In the both the above mentioned statements, the adverb phrases modify the verbs just like the adverb does.

Here are some commonly used adverbs and their equivalent adverb phrases:

Boldly(adverb) – in a bold manner

Bravely (adverb) – in a brave manner (adverb phrase)

Genuinely – in a genuine/truth way

Beautifully – in a beautiful manner / way / style

Deeply – far down in/ intensely

Formerly – in former times / once upon a time

Terribly – very unpleasantly

Recently – just now or at a recent date Soon – before very long

Here – on this spot

Everywhere – in all places Now – at the moment

Adverb Phrases Quiz

Select the adverb in the sentence.

Question #1: We went to the beach daily that summer.

Correct Answer : daily

Question #2: Darren accidentally deleted three hours of homework with one click.

Correct Answer :  accidentally

Question #3: Emily worked briefly on her report.

Correct Answer : briefly

Question #4: We went to the beach yesterday.

Correct Answer : yesterday

Question #5: The kayak was speeding wildly through the rapids.

Correct Answer : wildly

Question #6: My brother always picks on me.

Correct Answer : always

Question #7: The children worked enthusiastically on their first art project.

Correct Answer : enthusiastically

Question #8: The horse was galloping fast, and Cassandra was frightened.

Correct Answer : fast

Question #9: Kaitlyn often practices her beam routine at gymnastics.

Correct Answer : often

Question #10: Noah shouted angrily at his sister.

Correct Answer : angrily

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