May 3, 2017


The sign (‘) is called apostrophe. It is used to write contraction; to indicate possession; to indicate the omission of letters in a word or a sentence.

Following are some examples

  • He hasn’t eaten lunch. (for has not – to indicate contraction)
  • I can’t stand this attitude of John. (for cannot to indicate missing letters)
  • I cannot stand John’s this attitude. (of John – to indicate possession)
  • He doesn’t care whether I like it or not. (for does not)
  • This man’s son left the town only to never come back. (son of man – to indicate possession)
  • John’s father died of cardiac arrest. (father of John – to indicate possession)

The apostrophe is also used to write certain words which were once contractions. Example: o’clock

Important Thing: There is exception to the rule of writing the possessive forms, the apostrophe is not used to write the possessive forms of most pronouns.

  • Whose book is this? (Not – Who’s book is this?)
  • These bags are hers. (NOT These bags are her’s.)
  • This bag is yours. (Not – The bag is your’s.)
  • I like India for its culture ( not – I like India for it’s culture)