Best English newspapers in the world


Best English newspapers in the worldBest English newspapers in the world

Why you must read these Best English Newspapers in the World?

 We believe that newspapers reading is one of the best ways to learn English, because they are full of interesting material which has potential to pique everyone’s curiosity. Once you are drawn to something, the learning becomes interesting. Besides containing interesting material, the language used in Newspapers is very close to the spoken language we hear on the street, at work, on TV and radio. Also in the process of reading newspapers one can very easily get to learn the expressions which are used in interpersonal communication.

Some people are interested in Politics, some people are interested in glamorous world, some are interested in Sports, and so on.  Choose the section in the newspaper you find most interesting,  and read at least three articles of your choice. Highlight the phrases, and words you want to add to your kitty, and use them in your own sentences. Don’t just make one sentence using the highlighted words, or phrases; make at least three different sentences using the each highlighted word and phrase, and write them in your notebook. If you like the composition of a sentence, highlight it, and try making three similar compositions and write them in the notebook. The purpose of trying three different times and jotting them down on notebook is to make those words, phrases and composition etched in your head forever. The alternate way to writing down on your notebook is that you can type in your cell, and store them. The added advantage will be that you can revisit your work anytime. You can access it in one click.

List of Best English Newspapers in the World.

Note: In case none of the below mentioned Newspapers is circulated(or delivered) in your place, you can access their content online.

1. The Guardian (UK)

2. The Wall Street Journal (USA)


3. The New York Times (USA)


4. The Times of India (India)


5. The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)


6. The Independent (UK)


7. Washington Post (USA)

Note: Our list is not indicative of any rating. 










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