Common Mistakes in English

Common Mistakes in English

Below mentioned are some most common mistakes in English made by beginners. At the end of the list is a quiz called Common Mistakes in English Quiz.

Incorrect: I stood there stationery.

Correct: I stood there stationary.

Incorrect: I lived in India for seven days.

Correct: I stayed in India for seven days. 

Incorrect: You hurted me.

Correct: You hurt me.

Incorrect: I love you alot.

Correct: I love you a lot.

Incorrect: I have been England.

Correct: I have been to England.

Incorrect: I reached to London.

Correct: I reached London.

Incorrect: The man which we met yesterday is from Australia.

Correct: The man who we met yesterday is from Australia.  

Incorrect: Every men thinks his burden is the heaviest.

Correct: Every man thinks his burden is the heaviest.

Incorrect: Although everybody has a creative spark, but the potential is not always fully utilized.

Correct: Although everybody has a creative spark, the potential is not always fully utilized.

Incorrect: One must to see god in everyone.

Correct: One must see god in everyone.

Incorrect: It is more bad now.

Correct: It is worse now.

Incorrect: I know him since three months.

Correct: I know him for three months.

Incorrect: I know to drive.

Correct: I know how to drive.

Incorrect: My sister does not listen me.

Correct: My sister does not listen to me.

Incorrect: My train departs in 10 am.

Correct: My train departs at 10 am.

Incorrect: I went India to study Political Science

Correct: I went to India to study Political Science.

Incorrect: I have 10 childrens.

Correct: I have 10 children.

Incorrect: They should paint the wall themself.

Correct: They should paint the wall themselves.

Incorrect: Me and Brad went out for dinner.

Correct: Brad and I went out for dinner.

Incorrect: If  I will be in New York, I’ll call you.

Correct:  If  I am in New York, I’ll call you up.

Incorrect: I accepted quickly the offer.

Correct: I accepted the offer quickly.

Incorrect: My husband is doctor. 

Correct: My husband is a doctor. 

Incorrect: The life is beautiful.

Correct: Life is beautiful.

Incorrect: We had fun during whole day.

Correct:  We had fun through the day.

Incorrect: I except your offer.

Correct: I accept your offer.

Incorrect:  She gave me some bad advise.

Correct:  She gave me some bad advice.

Incorrect: Can i have drinking water?

Correct: Can I have some drinking water?

Incorrect: Sit besides me.

Correct:  Sit beside me.

Incorrect: Beside chocolate cake i want a burger.

Correct: Besides chocolate cake, I want a burger.

Incorrect: I live at India.

Correct: I live in India.

Incorrect: Nothing can effect my performance.

Correct: Nothing can affect my performance.

Incorrect: I will reach home till 7 pm.

Correct: I will reach home by 7 pm.

Incorrect: I will lay here and take rest.

Correct: I will lie here and take rest.

Incorrect: My Mother didn’t like my telling lies.

Correct: My Mother didn’t like me telling lies.

Incorrect: He said me to leave.

Correct: He told me to leave.

Incorrect: My teacher teaches us such well.

Correct:  My teacher teaches us so well.

Incorrect: She gifted a car to her son, who she adores.

Correct: She gifted a car to her son, whom she adores.

Incorrect: There is no shortness of talent in India.

Correct: There is no shortage of talent in India.

Incorrect:  I wish it stops raining soon.

Correct: I hope it stops raining soon.

Incorrect:  I got late due to rain, I hope it had stopped raining.

Correct:  I got late due to rain, I wish it had stopped raining.

Incorrect: My dad has a stationary shop.

Correct: My dad has a stationery shop.

Incorrect: It’s there mistake.

Correct: It’s their mistake.

Incorrect: My trainee trains me very well.

Correct: My trainer trains me very well.

Incorrect: You should be sorry for doing wrongly things.

Correct: You should be sorry for doing wrong things.

Incorrect: That is quiet big.

Correct: That is quite big.

Incorrect: Neither he eats pizza nor burger. 

Correct: Neither does he eat pizza nor burger. 

Incorrect: This is more tasty than that.

Correct: This is tastier than that.

Incorrect: These are my personnel belongings.

Correct: These are my personal belongings.

Incorrect: I can’t relate with you.

Correct: I can’t relate to you.

Incorrect: He does not eat burger nor pizza.

Correct: He does not eat burger or pizza.

Incorrect: We will loose the match.

Correct: We will lose the match.

Take a quiz and check out how you fare in Common Mistakes in English   quiz



Question #1: I know him since 1988.

I have known him since 1988.

Question #2: I have never been to India.

Question #3: I will live the life the way I want to.

I will live life the way I want to.

Question #4: It is neither cold or hot.

It is neither cold nor hot.

Question #5: The woman which was crying by the window is my mom.

The woman who was crying by the window is my mom.

Question #6: I don’t know how to cook.

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