Difference between threw and through

Difference between threw and throughDifference between Threw and Through

There is a huge difference between threw and through. The need to know the difference between threw and through arises from the fact that they are homophone; their pronunciation is same. When it comes to their meaning and usage they are poles apart.


The word threw is the past tense of the word throw:

The word throw means-

  • to hurl or cast something from the hand.
  • to project one’s voice.

Example: to throw someone into depression; to throw a ball at someone; to throw labourers into action.


The word through is a preposition with meaning:

  • to get into something from one end or side and come out the other.

Example: The speeding car passed through the tunnel.

  • over the surface of; to travel over or across or in something

Example: The plane flew through the air.

  • throughout:

Example: They worked through the day.

  • having reached the end of; done with:
Example: I am through with my practice.
  • to and including:
Example: from 1840 through 1950, we did not have any government.

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