September 20, 2016

God Quotes

“Of course God is endlessly multi-dimensional so every religion that exists on earth represents some face, some side of God.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
“We can’t afford to be without God, Feliks continued. “Even if he doesn”t exist, we have to hold on to him. Because if we don’t, then how are we to convince ourselves that we have to go on with this fight? If you take God out of it, then right and justice become small, human things. And weak things, too.” – Alexander Mccall Smith
“A God without dominion, providence, and final causes, is nothing else but fate and nature.” – Alexander Pope
“All are but parts of one stupendous whole, Whose body Nature is, and God the soul.” – Alexander Pope
“Until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words,–”Wait and hope”.” – Alexandre Dumas
“If God were suddenly condemned to live the life which He has inflicted upon men, He would kill Himself.” – Alexandre Dumas
“God is the tangential point between zero and infinity.” – Alfred Jarry
“… It’s the rare God who needs less stroking that a rockStar or poetician …” – Alice Fulton
“What the mind doesn’t understand, it worships or fears.” – Alice Walker
“God is inside you and inside everybody else. But only them that search for it inside find it. And sometimes it just manifest itself even if you not looking, or don’t know what you looking for. Trouble for most folks be God ain’t a he or a she, but a It.” – Alice Walker
“Somewhere in the bible it say Jesus hair was like lamb’s wool, I say. Well, say Shug, if he came to any of these churches we talking bout he’d have to have it conked before anybody paid him any attention. The last thing niggers want to think about they God is that his hair kinky.” – Alice Walker
“You better not never tell nobody but God.” – Alice Walker
“We know a roofleaf is not Jesus Christ, but in its own humble way, is it not God?” – Alice Walker
“Any God I ever felt in church I brought in with me. And I think all the other folks did too. They come to church to share God, not find God.” – Alice Walker
“My lady, for your virtue and goodness, God would receive you in rags.” – Alison Weir
“Any God I ever felt in church I brought in with me. And I think all the other folks did too. They come to church to share God, not find God.” – Alice Walker
“We don’t become gods because we think we are gods. That is only a sign of ego. We become gods when we realise that a part of the universal divinity lives within us; when we understand our role in this great world and when we strive to fulfil that role. That makes you a God. And remember, gods don’t fail. You cannot fail.” – Amish Tripathi
“A man becomes God when his vision moves beyond the bounds of victors and losers,” – Amish Tripathi
“I don’t think Jesus was an exclusivist. He said, and we believe, that He is the unique representation of God in the world. But that doesn’t mean this is the only way God can work.” – Andrew Greeley
“I don’t believe in God but I’m very interested in her.” – Arthur C. Clarke
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