November 5, 2016

H. Rider Haggard Quotes

“…there is no loneliness like the loneliness of crowds, especially to those who are unaccustomed to them.”

“As I grow older, I regret to say that a detestable habit of thinking seems to be getting a hold of me.”

“For he was a merciful man, who loved not slaughter, although his fierce faith drove him from war to war.”

“I have never observed that the religious are more eager to die than the rest of us poor mortals.”

“It is a curious thing that at my age — I shall never see sixty again — I should find myself taking up a pen to try to write a history. I wonder what sort of a history it will be when I have finished it, if ever I come to the end of the trip!”

“It is awkward to listen to oneself being praised, and I was always a shy man.”

“My death is very near to me, and of this I am glad, for I desire to pursue the quest in other realms, as it has been promised to me that I shall do.”

“Out of the dark we came, into the dark we go. Like a storm-driven bird at night we fly out of the Nowhere; for a moment our wings are seen in the light of the fire, and, lo! we are gone again into the Nowhere.”

“The Almighty gave us our lives, and I suppose He meant us to defend them, at least I have always acted on that, and I hope it will not be brought up against me when my clock strikes.”

“The food that memory gives to eat is bitter to the taste, and it is only with the teeth of hope that we can bear to bite it.”

“The great wheel of Fate rolls on like a Juggernaut, and crushes us all in turn, some soon, some late”

“The recesses of the desolate Libyan mountains that lie behind the temple and city of Abydus, the supposed burying place of the Holy Osiris, a tomb was recently discovered, among the contents of which were the papyrus rolls whereon this history is written.”

“There are things and there are faces which, when felt or seen for the first time, stamp themselves upon the mind like a sun image on a sensitized plate and there remain unalterably fixed.”

“We white people think that we know everything.”