September 20, 2016

Hope Quotes

“I hope there isn’t. I’m for uncertainty. As soon as you think you know, you’re done for. You don’t listen and you can’t hear. If you’re certain of anything, you shut the door on the possibility of revelation, of discovery. You can think. You can believe. But you can’t, you mustn’t, “know.” There’s the real entropy.” – Alan Garner
“I hope to die in the saddle seat.” – Albert Ellis
“Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never is, but always to be blessed.” – Alexander Pope
“Hope travels through, nor quits us when we die.” – Alexander Pope
“I hoped that Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, and I – the Baby Sitters Club – would stay together for a long time.” – Ann M. Martin
“Hope is a gift. You can’t choose to have it. To believe and yet to have no hope is to thirst beside a fountain.” – Ann-Marie MacDonald
“Youth is easily deceived because it is quick to hope.” – Aristotle
“Hope is a waking dream.” – Aristotle
“Hope is the dream of a waking man.” – Aristotle
“In the hope to meet Shortly again, and make our absence sweet.” – Ben Jonson
“It is one thing being able to contest an election and to give the people hope that I can be the next prime minister. It is a totally different situation where the people of Pakistan are told that the results are already taken and the leader of your choice is banned.” – Benazir Bhutto
“I hope children will be happy with the books I’ve written, and go on to be readers all of their lives.” – Beverly Cleary
“There is hope for the future because God has a sense of humor and we are funny to God.” – Bill Cosby
“I think it’s impossible to judge whether another person should come out. You just hope they will on their own time and their own terms.” – Billie Jean King
“If we can see our difficulties, there is a way of resolving them, or the hope of a way.” – Brian Aldiss
“Having a sense of purpose is having a sense of self. A course to plot is a destination to hope for” – Bryant H. McGill
“The greatest joys are found not only in what we do and feel, but also in what we hope for.” – Bryant H. McGill
“I hope, said the third, that your wanderings in lonely places do not mean that you have any of the romantic virus still in your blood. His name was Mr. Humanist.” – C. S. Lewis
“Hope makes you stronger, because it brings with it a sense of reason. Not a reason of how or why they were taken away from you, but a reason to live. Because it’s a maybe. A ‘maybe someday things won’t always be this shit. And that ”maybe” immediately makes the shittiness better.” – Cecelia Ahern
“We haven’t lost everything, if we haven’t lost our hope.” – Cecelia Ahern
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