November 8, 2016

K. W. Jeter Quotes

“Adventures, I reflected, are all very fine but a certain amount of civilised comfort forms the true kernel of our desires. “

“I had always thought myself to be a man of moderate passions indistinguishable in that respect from most Englishmen born to our logical and mannered times.”

“It’s one thing to face great odds, but even the smallest struggle, if undertaken without hope, looms and swells with the fatal poisons of despair. “

“Life’s nothing but the beating you take before you die. And I’ve died so many times already. Killed and lost so much. The remains. “

“There are two things without limit – the stupidity of Man and the mercy of God. “

“To retrieve the past is no great effort, when the events to be recalled are so firmly imprinted on the mind. It is existence in the present, the bleak wreckage and residue of what has gone before, that is so burdensome. “