November 10, 2016

Nancy Farmer Quotes

“I am now writing a book called ‘Far Enough,’ very loosely based on my childhood. This is difficult because it forces me to remember people I loved who are gone.”

“I live in a ‘sky island,’ a unique mountain valley environment where half the animal species of North America can be found.”

“I never hand in a book until it’s completed. Richard Jackson then reads it and asks me to clarify murky points. We work very well together. He knows how hard to push, and I know how hard to push back. He’s the only person who can criticize my work without me throwing a hissy fit.”

“I started writing ‘The Lord of Opium’ in 2008 and produced about 80 pages before disaster struck. Three eye operations nearly put an end to my career.”

“Music has a tremendous effect on me. When it’s playing, I can’t think or do anything other than listen. But I can write to it.”

“My view of civilization is that there have always been small pockets of good, decent, kind people surrounded by corrupt and evil power structures. It’s always a battle to stay on the side of good.”