October 13, 2016

Rosie Thomas Quotes

“Anything that makes it easier to understand, makes it a little easier to bear. “

“As well as remembering too little, I have seen too much “

“Christmas works like glue, it keeps us all sticking together. “

“Death preserves an ideal. “

“Death, when it’s right there it doesn’t seem too huge and terrible to let into your mind. “

“I am afraid of losing what I have already valued. “

“I am not afraid of death, which after all can’t be far away. What does frighten me, though, is the halfway stage. “

“I can only strive for what is important “

“I need them and they need me to need them “

“I will continue my path, but I will keep a memory always. “

“It’s the fragment of your past that explains why you have lived your life the way you have done and made the mistakes that you have made “

“I’ve grieved enough for his life cut short and for mine for running on for so long with so little in it. It’s weakness now, but I suppose I am crying out of a general sense of loss. Maybe I am mourning for the human condition. “

“Learning is important. It is a way to make a life better for yourself and your family. “

“Let her be with her memories. Better that than be aware of this reality. “

“Love. The wide sea that one word conjures up, all the currents and tides and storms and oily swells of it. “

“Some things I can never forget. I must not. Otherwise what do I have left? “

“The dead and not-yet dead, we are company all together. “

“The dead do not harm us, only the alive. “

“The dead were just the dead, neither awful nor remarkable. History separated out these individuals and preserved their names where others were obilterated for ever. “

“The future offers everything. Reach out and take whatever you want. “

“The harsh world unjustly reserved its most severe punishments for women. “

“The richness of the whole world reduced to a choice that was not a choice at all, but a sentence. “

“They had lived and known glory, and then they were ddead. She was alive and they were not, and nothing but a heartbeat separated her from them “

“Things don’t matter, people do “

“Try to capture what you can’t bear to be without “

“When you’re young, everything carries a twin charge of novelty and infinite possibility “

“Wherever you look there is so much loss and folly to contemplate. “