November 14, 2016

Sabine Baring-Gould Quotes

“A family may be ruined by extravagance, but it is not always through ruin that the representatives in a family are to be found in humble or comparatively humble circumstances, but that the junior members of a gentle family went into trade. “

“A residence of many years in Yorkshire, and an inveterate habit of collecting all kinds of odd and out-of-the-way information concerning men and matters, furnished me, when I left Yorkshire in 1872, with a large amount of material, collected in that county, relating to its eccentric children. “

“About two hundred or two hundred and fifty years after the death of Grettir, his history was committed to writing, and then it became fixed – nothing further was added to it, and we have his story after having travelled down over two hundred years as a tradition. “

“According to Celtic law, all sons equally divided the inheritance and principalities of their father. “

“Among the old Norse, it was the custom for certain warriors to dress in the skins of the beasts they had slain, and thus to give themselves an air of ferocity, calculated to strike terror into the hearts of their foes. “

“As a boy, I had an uncle, T. G. Bond, who lived near Moreton Hampstead and who was passionately devoted to Dartmoor. He inspired me with the same love. “

“At the English Revolution, when William of Orange came to the throne, the introduction of French wines into the country was prohibited, and this gave a great impetus to the manufacture of cyder and care in the production of cyder of the best description.”

“At the Norman Invasion, the Saxon thanes were themselves humbled in turn; the manors were given a more legal character and transferred to favourites of William the Conqueror. “

“Black was not the universal hue of mourning in Europe. In Castile, white obtained on the death of its princes. “

“Brittany can hardly claim the attention of the tourist as a superlatively beautiful country. The way in which trees are clipped and tortured out of shape disfigures the sylvan landscape; and of mountain scenery, there is none. “

“Connected with the fall of Satan is his lameness. The devil is represented in art and in legion as limping on one foot; this was occasioned by his having broken his leg in his fall. “

“Cornish wrestling was very different from that in Devon – it was less brutal, as no kicking was allowed. “

“Cyder was anciently the main drink of the country people in the West of England. “

“Each man seeks his own interest, not the general interest. Let his own selfish interests be touched, and all concord is at an end. “

“God’s truth is helped by no man’s ignorance. “

“Happiness is only attained by the free will agreeing in its freedom to accord with the will of God. “

“I look back with the greatest pleasure to the kindness and hospitality I met with in Yorkshire, where I spent some of the happiest years of my life. “

“I went to Iceland in 1861 and went over nearly every bit of the ground made famous by the adventures of Grettir. “

“It is somewhat remarkable that Cornwall has produced no musical genius of any note, and yet the Cornishman is akin to the Welshman and the Irishman.”

“Man, double-faced by nature, is placed by Revelation under a sharp, precise external rule, controlling his actions and his thoughts. “

“No man need go blindly to destruction, for God has given him guidance and power of seeing whither he goes. “

“The Breton peasant is said to have a hard head. He is obstinate and resists outside pressure to alter his creed or his customs. “

“The prime feature in Cornish geology is the upheaval of the granite, distorting, folding back, and altering the superincumbent beds. “

“The tribal system from which the Celt never freed himself entirely was the curse of the Celtic race, predooming it to ruin. “

“The whole of society is like a cabbage-stalk covered with caterpillars, and none is satisfied till it has crawled to the top. “

“When the British became Christian, Christianity in no way altered their political organisation. “