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Why Short Stories?

One of the best ways to test how well your spoken English has developed is to narrate short stories to your folks. Pick a story that you know by heart and translate it into English first of all for yourself and then narrate the same story to as many people as possible. While narrating the story your focus should be on your expressions and fluency, not on being grammatically correct. In case you have no idea how to compose or narrate a short story, you can refer to the short story written below, and compose your own short stories, or rewrite the following story in many other short stories and narrate them your folks.

Short Story -"Will"

(By Sunil Rajpal, 27425 FWA)

Will, an eight year old kid, is always amongst top-rankers in his class, but he hardly goes to school. Sometimes he outrightly refuses to attend school and sometimes gives reasons why he should never attend the school. He often complains of not feeling well with vague and unexplainable symptoms ranging from stomachache to hyperventilation. And come weekend, all these symptoms disappear without leaving a trace behind. His presence in school is as low as topper’s absence. And whenever he goes to school, comes back with a note written by Principal for parents, “He is very disrespectful towards teachers. He imitates us all and makes weird sounds in class. Please meet me tomorrow at my office.”

Will’s Parents, having unsuccessfully tried their might to get him on track, eventually take him to a Child Psychologist. No sooner does the psychologist greet Will, Will starts asking questions of himself (in psychologist’s voice) that a typical psychologist asks. Will even answers them himself (in his own voice), leaving psychologist amazed and his parents embarrassed. His parents try to stop him but the psychologist tells them to let Will continue. At the end of this counseling session, the psychologist looks perplexed; he is unable to identify the problem. Only in order to avoid stain on his reputation, the psychologist attributes the behavior of Will to ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, and he advices some mental exercises.

After a lot of cajoling, Will finally starts doing exercise, but after a minute or two into the exercise he starts making mockery of it by making weird sounds and comical faces, and it becomes real hard for his parents to refrain from laughing. But they somehow manage to get him serious. With each passing day Will gets more seriously involved in the exercise, but the exercise has an adverse effect on him; he gets naughtier, more disrespectful and completely stops going to school. The parents consult the psychologist back again, and once again just to run away from the case, the psychologist labels this aggravation as a positive sign. Days pass by but nothing positive transpires- No exercise, no screening seems to be working on Will.

One fine morning as Will gets up, he finds his home devoid of anything; absolutely empty, but his countenance does not change much; he hardly reacts. He coolly looks out for his parents but all he finds is a hand written note by his father, which reads as, “We are leaving you and won’t return until you start going school regularly, and till then you have to stay with Neeta Aunty (their neighbor).” He walks out to the Neeta Aunty’s place and agrees to go to school.

While Will is on his way to school on school bus, his parents follow him by car. Contrary to his behavior, he remains quiet as if contemplating something serious. On the pretext of peeing he gets down from bus, only to never return to bus. Will’s father hastily parks his car by road-side as he sees him getting down from the bus, and the two start following him.

Will strolls towards a park, sits there for a while and then ambulates to a church. He offers prayers and walks out to visit a furniture store followed by a visit to a hospital. He looks ecstatic as he explores all corners of the hospital. He finally comes out of the hospital and shoos to a circus nearby. All this while he is being followed by his parents. Will enters the circus arena and runs to see a show by a ventriloquist. As much as he seems to be enjoying the show, his parents look equally panicked as the circus arena is too humungous and crowded to search their son. His parents sweat it out to search him but all in vain. They finally get an announcement made but Will is gone by then. His parents return to their building despondently and check with Neeta if Will came back, but he did not. They decide to wait for a while before filing a LOST complaint with Police. They enter their empty home, and find a hand written note by Will, which reads as “ Hi Mom and Dad, I knew you guys are going to follow me. I got down from school-bus on the pretext of peeing and dad parked the car by roadside in haste, for which the cops wrote you a ticket . Then I went to a park which symbolizes your courtship days, as church does for your marriage. Please read the next sentence silently. The reason for my visit to a furniture store symbolizes the reason of my birth, which took place in a hospital, and that’s why I visited one. You must have noticed a change in my countenance while leaving the hospital. This change signifies that I have grown up. All this while you were with me- from my birth to grown-up stage, but the moment I started chasing my dream, you lost track of me. Hope you understand this metaphor. I wanna be a ventriloquist. Don’t raise your brows, don’t lose your heart either. I won’t go anywhere without your permission. I am sorry for creating mess in your life, but I could not think of a stronger and better way to put forth my dream, as I know ventriloquism is an unusual dream to be pursued. Whether or not I pursue my dream, please tell the psychologist to stop practicing child-psychology. I don’t have ADHD, call me a gifted one .. Please open the door, I am right there ”. We hear a knock on the door and mother opens the door.. We see Will smiling…..

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