November 14, 2016

T. R. Pearson Quotes

“a helplessly devoted student of human frailty “

“According to Daddy, that was a time of general lunacy in Neely, but then Daddy has always said there’s nothing like a good snowfall to bring out the feeble-mindedness in people. “

“He was accustomed to paying measurable heed only to those details that bore upon him most directly. “

“It’s a chore for a fellow to fear for his life more than once in an evening. “

“Momma crossed her arms over her apron bib and worked the small of her back against the edge of the doorframe. Daddy drew a Tareyton out of the pack in his shirtpocket and looked straight at me and talked straight at Momma and said, Madness. “

“the boiling human chaos of metropolitan New York “

“The husk of a man in the woods below me bled into a creek that fed into a river that sparkled gaily in the winter sun. “

“The man dabbed briefly at his lip with his bloody sleeve end and then cocked back his head and laughed. The sound was sharp and joyless and desperate. “

“The southbound motorists crawled past, eyeing the conflagration and the quartet of cops who had arrived to eye it as well. “

“They were the Epperson sisters, and they had distinguished themselves in the minds of the Neelyites by going from reasonably normal to unquestionably insane without ever pausing at peculiar. “

“We could easily have been abject strangers with no history of brief unsatisfying cinematic sex between us. “