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The most difficult thing about talking in a new language isn’t the language itself, but the lack of confidence and fluency while speaking it. We all speak our native languages fluently, quite naturally because the speech formation happens instantaneously. but when you speak in a foreign language as a beginner you first think in your native language, then translate your thought in that foreign language, and then finally speak. In this whole process one tends to take a lot more time,which eventually lowers the confidence, and as a result fluency and expressions go for a toss. If you want to get rid of translating your thoughts from your native language to English, you have to start thinking in English. Once you get habituated to think in English, rest of the learning is a cake walk. Think in English to sound like a native.

How to think in English


Start thinking  individual English words.

For example: 1) when you are going to college, think of words like:

books, bags, lectures, friends , teachers, project, pantry, sports

                                2) When you go to work, think of words like:

job, competition, target, promotion,  company, desk, computer, paper, pencil, colleague, boss

During the day, continue to think of the individual English words for everything you see, hear, and do. Try this exercise – look around you right now and think of all the English words you can.  Try to think at least 10 words.


Start composing English sentences in your mind.

For example:  When you’re going to watch a movie.

How much will the ticket cost?

Is it worth spending this much?

I won’t drink aerate drink.

I will have popcorn.

The actress is beautiful.

The movie is about father-son relationship.

Note: Don’t start with complex or difficult sentences. Keep them simple in the beginning and continue as long as you don’t think they are coming naturally to you. The most important part is to practice and develop the habit of thinking in English.


Think of  English as indispensable.

Imagine that you have landed in London and you can’t do without speaking in English. After every time you speak in your native language, think of how you would say that in English. For example, how would you  ask some to tell you the direction to reach your destination?

For Example:

I am new to London, could you please tell me how to get to the Lord’s Cricket Ground?

Okay, I will get down at St John’s Wood TubeStation, and will my way. Thank a lot!

Such practices help you develop your English for real-life situations, even though you are only thinking and not speaking. If during such exercises you don’t know how to say something, you can always look up the desired word in the dictionary (native language to English). If you do this kind of  practice regularly, you will develop the ability to use English in any  situation.

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  • you are absolutely correct sir your explaination is wonderfull and in many years im thinking to go to london but problem is my english

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