September 29, 2016

Tongue Twisters for kids

Tongue Twisters for kidsTongue Twisters for Kids- 3

Pail of ale aiding ailing Al’s travails.

Double bubble gum, bubbles double.

This is the sixth zebra snoozing thoroughly.

Salty broccoli, salty broccoli, salty broccoli ….

A slimey snake slithered down the sandy sahara.

Suzie Seaword’s fish-sauce shop sells unsifted thistles for thistle-sifters to sift.

I eat eel while you peel eel

Nothing is worth thousands of deaths.

Casual clothes are provisional for leisurely trips across Asia.

East Fife Four, Forfar Five

Wunwun was a racehorse, Tutu was one too. Wunwun won one race, Tutu won one too.

Will you, William? Will you, William? Will you, William?

I wish you were a fish in my dish

She stood on the balcony, inexplicably mimicking him hiccuping, and amicably welcoming him in.

She said she should sit.

Dust is a disk’s worst enemy.

As one black bug, bled blue, black blood. The other black bug bled blue.

Mommy made me eat my M&Ms.

Thin grippy thick slippery.

The owner of the inside inn was inside his inside inn with his inside outside his inside inn.

She sees cheese.


Mummies make money.

Crush grapes, grapes crush, crush grapes.

An elephant was asphyxiated in the asphalt.

A black bloke’s back brake-block broke.

This is a zither.

There was a minimum of cinnamon in the aluminum pan.

Really leery, rarely Larry.

Big black bugs bleed blue black blood but baby black bugs bleed blue blood.

Elizabeth has eleven elves in her elm tree.

Her whole right hand really hurts.

Red blood, green blood

Busy buzzing bumble bees.

A lump of red leather, a red leather lump

Nat the bat swat at Matt the gnat.

Preshrunk silk shirts.

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