September 29, 2016

Tongue Twisters for kids

Tongue Twisters for kidsTongue Twisters for Kids- 6

put a pipe in byte mode, type pipe type byte.

National Sheepshire Sheep Association

The crow flew over the river with a lump of raw liver.

The little red lorry went down Limuru road.

Flies fly but a fly flies.

Did Doug dig Dick’s garden or did Dick dig Doug’s garden?

How many cans can a canner can if a canner can can cans? A canner can can as many cans as a canner can if a canner can can cans.

Which witch snitched the stitched switch for which the Swiss witch wished?

Does this shop sport short socks with spots?

No need to light a night-light on a light night like tonight.

I wish to wish, I dream to dream, I try to try, and I live to live, and I’d die to die, and I cry to cry but I dont know why.

My mommy makes me muffins on Mondays.

A real rare whale.

Terry Teeter, a teeter-totter teacher, taught her daughter Tara to teeter-totter, but Tara Teeter didn’t teeter-totter as Terry Teeter taught her to.

Ken Dodd’s dad’s dog ‘s dead.

Kanta is a masai girl. She can tie a tie and untie a tie. If Kanta can tie a tie and untie a tie, why can’t I tie a tie and untie a tie?

If you go for a gopher a gopher will go for a gopher hole.

Seven slick and sexy sealskin ski suits slid slowly down the slope.

The chief of the Leith police dismisseth us.

Fred Threlfall’s thirty-five fine threads are finer threads than Fred Threlfall’s thirty-five thick threads.

Bug’s black blood, Black bug’s blood

Reed Wade Road

Jack’s nap sack strap snapped.

I saw Esau sitting on a seesaw. I saw Esau; he saw me.

A quick witted cricket critic.

Hitchcock Hawk Watch Spots Record Raptors

Sure, sir, the ship’s sure shipshape, sir.

One Double Dozen Double Damask Dinner Napkins

The cat crept into the crypt, crapped and crept out.

Blended baby blue bug’s blood blotches.

made up watching bugs splatter on the windshield … ugh!

Furnish Freddie’s nursery with forty-four furry Furby Beanie Babies.

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