October 1, 2016

Tongue Twisters |Medium

Tongue TwistersMedium- 5

Meter maid Mary married manly Matthew Marcus Mayo,
a moody male mailman moving mostly metered mail.

How much dough would Bob Dole dole
if Bob Dole could dole dough?
Bob Dole would dole as much dough
as Bob Dole could dole,
if Bob Dole could dole dough.

To begin to toboggan,
first buy a toboggan.
But don’t buy too big a toboggan.
Too big a toboggan is too big a toboggan to buy to begin to toboggan.

Three tree turtles took turns talking tongue twisters.
If three tree turtles took turns talking tongue twisters,
where’s the twisters the three tree turtles talked?

Oh, the sadness of her sadness when she’s sad.
Oh, the gladness of her gladness when she’s glad.
But the sadness of her sadness,
and the gladness of her gladness,
Are nothing like her madness when she’s mad!

I would if I could, and if I couldn’t, how could I?
You couldn’t, unless you could, could you?

I’m a mother pheasant plucker,
I pluck mother pheasants.
I’m the most pleasant mother pheasant plucker,
to ever pluck a mother pheasant. Actually, …
I’m Not the pheasant plucker,
I’m the pheasant plucker’s son.
But I’ll stay and pluck the pheasants
Till the pheasant plucking ‘s done!

The Smothers brothers’ father’s mother’s brothers are
the Smothers brothers’ mother’s father’s other brothers.

Dear mother,
give your other udder
to my other brother.

A bitter biting bittern bit a better biting bittern
And the better biting bittern bit the bitter biting bittern back.
Said the bitter biting bittern to the better biting bittern
“I’m a bitter biting bittern bitten back”

What noise annoys a noisy oyster?
Any noise annoys a noisy oyster,
but a noisy noise annoys a noisy oyster most!

How many snacks could a snack stacker stack,
if a snack stacker snacked stacked snacks?

Freddy is ready to roast red roaches.
Ready for Freddy’s roasted red roaches?

On mules we find two legs behind and two we find before.
We stand behind before we find what those behind be for.

Three grey geese
In a green field grazing,
Grey were the geese
And green was the grazing.

Kantai can tie a tie. If Kantai can tie a tie,
why can’t I tie a tie like Kantai can tie a tie.

Tricky Tristan tracked a trail of tiny turtles.
How many tiny turtles did Tricky Tristan track?
Tricky Tristan tracked twenty two tiny turtles;
that’s how many tiny turtles tricky Tristan tracked.

Giddy kiddy goat,
Giddy kiddy goat,
Giddy, giddy, giddy, giddy, giddy, kiddy goat.


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