Urban Lingo

Urban LingoUrban Lingo

Like everything else, the English language is evolving too with each passing day. With the emergence of Social Network, the style of communication has taken a big shift. These days, you would hardly find anyone who does not use shorthand language or slang.  Use of abbreviation and modified/customized words has taken a giant leap. Urban Lingo is the usage of such abbreviation and modified/customized words Colloquially.

Being colloquial is the most neglected segment by English Learners. Colloquial language is distinct from formal speech or formal writing.It is the variety of language that speakers typically use when they are having a casual conversation, and are not especially self-conscious. Some colloquial speech contains a great deal of slang, but some contains no slang at all. Slang is permitted in colloquial language, but it is not a necessary element.  Other examples of colloquial usage in English include contractions or profanity.In the philosophy of language the term “colloquial language” refers to ordinary natural language, as distinct from specialized forms used in logic or other areas of philosophy. In the field of logical atomism, meaning is evaluated in a different way than with more formal propositions.colloquial name or familiar name is a name or term commonly used to identify a person or thing in informal language, in place of another usually more formal or technical name.

Examples of Urban Lingo

On My Mama

Meaning: honest to god, I swear on my mother.

Loose Rap

Meaning: to tell lies to impress a girl or guy


Meaning: to try to impress someone by fake behaviour


Meaning: oppurtunity to use the toilet


Meaning:a large gathering of men to get drunk


Meaning: to consume one large meal instead of three standard meals of a day


Meaning:forgive and forget something awful because your brother did it


Meaning: the best never rests

Net Forget

Meaning:One who forgets his original intention to be on a website

Gender Ninja

Meaning:someone whose gender is indecipherable




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