December 6, 2016

Verbal Ability Test- Enhance your communication skills

Verbal Ability Test-

We have a huge collection of Verbal ability test questions. There are 10 test questions in each set, and each question has unique answer. You can learn and practice Online Verbal Ability Test questions and improve your communication skills and boost your confidence.

Verbal Ability Test-1

Question #1: What is synonym of Zeal?

Question #2: What is antonym of Zenith?

Question #3: What is synonym of VIVID?

Question #4: You _________ the task by tomorrow.

Question #5: You seem to be _________ honest man.

Question #6: What is antonym of Wither?

Question #7: Words inscribed on a tomb?

Question #8: What is synonym of Wary ?

Question #9: You can safely rely ________ me.

Question #10: What is antonym of Yearn?

verbal ability testVerbal Ability Test

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