November 15, 2016

Victor Hugo Quotes

“Dust was dangerous, I insisted. Insects bred in it. “

“How strange is life. Suddenly when one has almost made up one’s mind to a certain action it casually throws an opportunity into one’s path. “

“I did not wish her to go on in this strain because her poverty was something which obsessed her and like all obsessions was boring to other people. “

“I wanted to learn more of love- that is built not on the shifting sands of violent passion but on the steady rock of deep and abiding affection. “

“Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience. “

“Never underestimate yourself, Miss Jessie. People are going to think you’re not up to much if you think that way yourself. “

“there was more to life than being comfortable and living one day after another, quietly, unadventurously, almost like waiting for death. “

“They say that one chooses one’s friends, but one’s relations are thrust upon one. “

“We are born, we suffer, we love, we die, but the waves continue to beat upon the rocks; the seed time and the harvest come and go, but the earth remains. “