What is a noun?

What is a noun Noun:    A noun is a part of speech used to name a person, place, thing, animals, activities, event, idea and emotions. For example the words Dog, Cloud, Happiness and Asia are nouns.

They are many types of noun, following are some examples.

Common Noun: a noun which denotes a class of objects or a concept rather than a  particular individual.Some examples of common nouns are river, dog, truck, table etc.

Countable Noun: a noun which refers to countable things. Things can be singular or plural. Singular countable nouns are often preceded by the word a or an.

Examples of countable noun:

John ordered a pizza (a Pizza- Singular countable)

We were ten guys, half a pizza for everyone makes it five pizzas in total (ten guys, five pizzas- plural countable)

Uncountable Noun: Noun that refers to uncountable things, feelings and types of activity is called uncountable noun . This noun is always in singular form, and it is not preceded by any article.

Examples of uncountable noun:

– Can I have some water?

-It’s a matter of great happiness.

Collective Noun: a noun which refers to a collection of things, or a group of people taken as a whole is called a collective noun.

Examples of collective noun.

squad, team, class, flock, herd, jury, army, council, family, crowd, audience, etc.

Proper Noun: a proper noun is the name of an individual person, organization or place.  All proper nouns are spelled with an initial capital letter.

Examples of proper noun: John, Mumbai, Oxford, etc.

Compound Noun: Nouns that are made up of two or more words are called compound nouns.

Examples of compound noun:

hair fall- hair + fall

haircut- hair + cut

toothpaste- tooth + paste

swimming pool- swimming + pool

Gerunds: A gerund is a noun made from a verb by adding “-ing.”  A gerund can be used as the subject, the complement, or the object of a sentence.

Examples of gerund

Smoking causes cancer

I love cooking

vacancy is also called opening


Question #1: I am going to watch the movie

going is present participle. Here going is used as a continuous verb.

Question #2: Can I have bottle of water please?

Can I have a bottle of water please?

Question #3: Can I have some bottles of water?

"Can I have some bottles of water? " is a correct statement.

Question #4: My name is John, and John is a common noun.

John is a proper noun.

Question #5: Breakfast is a compound noun

Breakfast is a compound noun


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