November 15, 2016

Zilpha Keatley Snyder Quotes

“A–Z, and its dusty show windows were crammed with a weird clutter of old and exotic-looking objects—huge bronze “

“Belief in mysteries, any manner of mysteries, is the only lasting luxury in life. “

“Belief in mysteries—all manner of mysteries—is the only lasting luxury in life. “

“Belonging to a place isn’t nearly as necessary as belonging to people you love and who love you and need you. “

“But now and then, beneath the outer numbness, something stirred, like a living pain waiting for the anesthetic to wear away. “

“Forest is and was and will be. Root and roof and all between. Pan-fruit feed me, nid-bough hold me, Peace and Joy be ever green. “

“Know all the Questions, but not the AnswersLook for the Different, instead of the SameNever Walk where there’s room for RunningDon’t do anything that can’t be a Game “

“My dear child…fault is an empty word. It is a coin with only one side. It is not a reason or an excuse. “

“The answers aren’t important really… What’s important is- knowing all the questions. “

“There was that special smell made up of paper, ink, and dust; the busy hush; the endless luxury of thousands of unread books. Best of all was the eager itch of anticipation as you went out the door with your arms loaded down with books. “

“Trick-or-treating is for candy and demonstrations are for things like Peace and Freedom. It’s different. “

“We all invite our own devils, and we must exorcise our own. “